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Wimbledon resident Sean McLaughlin required a complete overhaul of the landscaping on his property. His yard was overgrown and poorly maintained, and he wanted to install a garden on one side of his house. The size of the project necessitated calling in contractors to do much of the work. He contacted Wimbledon Design and Build for the job and asked them to assess his property and come up with a plan for it.

He only had a rough idea of what he wanted, so he was counting on the contractors to come up with much of the plans. Wimbledon Builders – Design and Build examined the property then drafted up an initial plan for the landscaping job. It called for a full yard trimming, the installation of a sprinkler system, a garden to be placed on one side of the house and a path of stepping stones leading from the house to the driveway. In addition to this a small summer house was constructed by their team of carpenters.

Once Mr. McLaughlin approved the plans, work began the following day. The contractors began by trimming the entire yard, getting rid of the overgrown weeds and seeding the newly-mowed lawn to encourage healthy grass to grow. While seeding, they installed the sprinkler system, which ran the length of the front yard.

Then they started work on the garden for the side yard. The contractors constructed a small stone border around where the garden was to be, then planted a variety of flowers and herbs in the garden, providing both an aesthetically pleasing appearance and a functional purpose to the garden. A big thanks has to go to local seamless gutters experts – Bespoke Guttering for supplying their popular extruded aluminium guttering onto the summer house. This style and overall look of this type of gutter blended in perfectly to the newly landscaped garden.

summer outbuilding

The stepping stones forming a walkway were added last. Wimbledon Design and Build used slate discs for this part of the landscaping project. A series of nine of these was installed to create a closely-grouped path from the front door of the house to the driveway.

The entire project took seven days to complete, and Mr. McLaughlin was pleased with the final product. He said the contractors had effectively transformed his yard and made it picturesque.

Wimbledon Design and Build has served the area for years and offers a wide range of landscaping services.

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