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Soleirolia soleirolii

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Pronounced so-lay-roll-ya. Commonly called mind-your-own-business, which is much easier to spell and say.


This is a tiny and easy plant with a great deal of charm. Its spreading mat or bun of closely-packed miniature leaves is ideal for simple arrangements, or as groundcover on the pots of larger plants and in conservatory beds.


Mediterranean region




'Aurea' is one of two colour variants on the species; the other is 'Variegata' and both are quick to revert to plain green, so cut out any plain green shoots straight away.

Care tips

Good light will keep plants compact, but avoid direct sun which is likely to scorch the foliage. Keep the compost moist. The foliage will quickly turn brown if the plant dries out. Higher temperatures demand greater humidity. You can control its growth by simply cutting it back with scissors, or on large plants by pulling out shoots by hand. To make new plants, dig out a small section with a spoon and place it in a pot of fresh compost. Kept cool and moist it will soon establish itself.


This tiny-leaved ground-cover plant grows freely throughout the Mediterranean area in moist spots between paving stones or cracks in rocks.