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Pronounced HA-tee-o-ra after Thomas Hariot (an anagram of his name because Hariota had already been used for a cacti family), mathematician, cartographer and botanist of the sixteenth century. It is often called 'drunkard's dream' due to its haphazard, winding growth pattern, or bottle plant.


Hatiora salicorniodes is a succulent which is epiphytic (grown on its host without taking nutrients), and is related to the cactus family but has no thorns. Its stems, with bottle-shaped joints, branch out in all directions. Mature plants flower between March and May, with the orange-yellow flowers growing from the tips of the stems and gradually fading to pink.




Cactaceae (cactus)


The other common variety is Hatiora bambusoides with short, cylindrical stems.

Care tips

Needs little water and partial shade. Do not overwater and let the plant dry out between waterings. Use soft water (rain, boiled and cooled, or filtered water) as its natural habitat is the rainforest. It needs humid conditions and a rich compost. Bathrooms or kitchen windowsills with indirect light are ideal places.