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Paphiopedilum orchid

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Pronounced PAFF-ee-oh PED-e-lum, from Paphia - the town of Paphos on Cyprus, which was the main seat of worship for Aphrodite (Venus). Pedilon means slipper, referring to the shape of the lower petal of the flower, hence its common names - slipper orchid or lady slipper orchid.


One or two flowers per stem. An impressive orchid flower with a large lip. Some of the strap-shaped leaves are mottled, some plain. Each leaf rosette produces just one flower per year.


Originally from tropical Asia: Thailand, Burma and Vietnam. Many varieties are now bred in the USA, UK and Australia.


A range of beautiful patterns in combinations of yellows, greens, browns, purples and maroons


Available all year round.


Orchidaceae. Over 20,000 hybrid forms of Paphiopedilum have been registered.

Care tips

They like semi-shade and room temperatures and, as with most orchids, high humidity. Mist frequently and keep on a saucer of water, but because of their hairy stems should not be placed in too deep water. After flowering keep cool at night and in brighter light in the day. Feed with orchid food at every third or fourth watering. They last for well over a month, but are sensitive to ethylene gas so keep them away from fruit, vegetables and dying flowers. Snip off old flower heads.


Other types of orchid



Ludisia / jewel orchid

Oncidium / golden shower orchid

Paphiopedilum / slipper orchid, lady slipper orchid

Phalaenopsis / moth orchid


Vuylstekeara / cambria orchid