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Capsicum annuum

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Commonly known as Christmas pepper because of their resemblance to Christmas lights


These plants are grown for their decorative fruits rather than their leaves or flowers. The leaves are plain and the white flowers that appear in summer or autumn are small. The fruits are green at first and then turn to shades of yellow, orange, red and purple that can last for up to three months.


South America



Care tips

Average warmth, not too hot, but with some direct sunlight, at least four hours a day of possible. Water occasionally using the immersion method (submerging the entire pot (to above the surface of the soil but not the plant!) in a basin of water and weigh down with stones or similar until no more bubbles appear, then allow to drain). Capsicums like humidity so mist the leaves regularly.

This is a temporary houseplant; the pretty fruit are a one-time show, and once they have died they won't come back, so discard.


Ornamental peppers are edible but they can be extremely hot and lacking in flavour, so it is not recommended.