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Netera granadensis

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Also known as nertera depressa. Pronounced ner-Ter-ra from the Greek word nerteros, meaning low down, its common names are pincushion, coral bead or bead plant.


A mat-forming creeping plant that produces small, round berries following star-shaped flowers.


Usually orange berries but sometimes creams, white & yellow. Recently available is a mixed berry version which is a combination of yellow, orange and white.


Mountain regions of Central and South America, New Zealand and Tazmania



Care tips

It will not bear much fruit if there is no light or if it's too warm. A cool and sunny position or a south-facing windowsill is ideal. It can be placed outdoors also in a sheltered spot during the summertime. Keep moist throughout spring and summer and let the soil dry out in between watering in autumn and winter. Feed once a month with a weak solution, when the berries begin forming from early spring to later summer.