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Pronounced zanter-DESK-ya or zanter-DEE-sha, but commonly known as calla or arum lilies which are much easier to say! Calla was the old Victorian name for them before they were renamed zantedeschia.


Available all year round in shades of pinks, pale creams, and flesh tones, purple-black, yellow and terracotta oranges.


South Africa


White arums are very popular with style gurus for their sculptural elegant shape. Their richly coloured relatives are becoming better known, they have smaller, more elegant flower shape and lend themselves more easily to mixing with other flowers.

Green Goddess calla lilies (middle right) bring an alien beauty to everything from corporate arrangements to wedding work.

Crystal Blush calla lilies (bottom) stay white until the pollen is shed, when they take on a delicate pink blush.


All year round

Care tips

Cut flowers

They last around two weeks. The petals are fleshy and very easily bruised, take care when transporting or arranging them.


The natural habitat of the zantedeschia is marshy in winter and dry in summer. Keep the plant dry in the summer, while it is dormant, then when growth begins in winter, slowly increase the amount you water it, until it is standing in a bowl of water. As a subtropical plant, it likes humidity so place on a tray of moist pebbles in the flowering season (winter - early spring).




Image courtesy of RB Floral Design, London


Crystal Blush calla bouquet

Image courtesy of Charmed Willow, Glenrothes