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Dendrobium orchid

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From Dendron, Greek for tree and bios, life. It is pronounced dend-ROBE-ee-um. Also known as the Singapore orchid.


These are ephiphytic orchids (perching on trees but not parasitic), which are among the most attractive. Sprays of 10-12 dainty flowers on slender stems, often like daffodils in shape.


Himalayas, Burma


Orchidaceae. Dendrobiums are just one species of orchid. There are over 250,000 different orchid species and hybrids known. The most decorative have been bred for cut flower use.

Available in creamy white, bright magenta purple, pink, green, yellow, red and some striped.


All year round

Care tips

Like most orchids they are very long-lasting both on the plant and once cut, looking fresh for up to three weeks or more. Faded flowers on the bottom of the stem can be removed to encourage upper buds to open.

Plants like bright light but not full sun. A cooler period in the autumn/winter 12° to 15°C (54° to 59°F) will be of benefit. Water well and feed every fortnight with orchid food in the growth period but far less in the winter. Mist as often as possible especially in summer and stand on a saucer with wet pebbles. For watering and misting, use soft water (filtered, boiled and cooled or rainwater).


Dendrobium orchids used to be considered exotic and extravagant but in recent years they have become much more widely available. They still ooze glamour and elegance, with just a couple of stems adding a sophisticated touch to a room.

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