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The type pictured here is Celosia cristata. Its unusual appearance is where the flower gets its common name of cockscomb celosia. Celosia plumosa is often called Prince of Wales feathers.


Hot pinks, purples, golds and oranges, or strange shades of flesh, bronze and pale green.


The main season is April to October.


Two main sorts - Celosia cristata (pictured here) means crinkled celosia. Some are so crinkled they are almost circular like a brain, though most are a fan or cockscomb shape. They are hardly known as a cut flower in the UK yet every time the Flowers & Plants Association has shown them at exhibitions or on television, they nearly cause a riot! Their weird, wonderful shapes and textures are set to cause a storm as they become better known, they are such an amazing-looking flower. Not only do they look great, they feel wonderful too, with a soft velvety texture. Celosia plumosa is a pointed, flame-shaped flower, very fluffy, like brightly coloured pampas grass.

Care tips

Celosia last for up to two weeks. Celosia leaves are not very decorative or longlasting and are best removed entirely.

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