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Cymbidium orchid

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Pronounced SIM-bid-ee-um. Cymibidium is the Latin translation of kumbidion, Greek for little boat, alluding to the flower shape.


Sprays of 8 -10 large broad-petalled flowers on long stems.


The ancestors of these exotic orchids came from Asia (Burma, India and the Himalayas) and Australia.


Green, white, 'make-up' shades and pink.


All year round.

Care tips

As cut flowers

They can last several weeks. They like cool air and regular misting, and are sensitive to ethylene gas so keep them away from fruit, vegetables and dying flowers. Snip off old flower heads.

As a pot plant

Enjoys a light, sunny spot. Requires a humidity level of 60% to thrive. Humidity above a hot radiator is 10%, in a steamy bathroom around 80% - so something in between is ideal. Mist often (not on flower heads). Water very regularly in growing season. Pour off any unabsorbed water. Feed with orchid fertilizer once a month in summer only.


Other types of orchid



Ludisia / jewel orchid

Oncidium / golden shower orchid

Paphiopedilum / slipper orchid, lady slipper orchid

Phalaenopsis / moth orchid


Vuylstekeara / cambria orchid

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