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The dark red Amaranthus caudatus is commonly called 'love lies bleeding' .


Amaranthus are not well-known as cut flowers in the UK, but have no other rivals for looks and have a very exotic appearance. Their upright or trailing flowerspikes have an unusual texture like chenille.


Native to South America


There are two main colours, a dark red and a lime green. The same colours are found in the upright varieties, though these reds can also have dark brown tints. There is a new bronze version too called "Hot Biscuits".


The main season is June to October


There are two main forms, an upright version A. hypochondriacus which has almost millet-like textured flowerspikes, and a dramatic trailing version A. caudatuswhich is like a long fluffy tail, with many smaller tails attached to the main stem.

Care tips

Remove leaves as these fade quickly and are not very ornamental.

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