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The name agapanthus derives from agape, the Greek word for love and anthos for flower. The common name is African lily.


A bulb flower, with tall stems with a rounded flower cluster of funnel shaped flowers on a leafless stem, rising out if strappy leaves.


South Africa


Various shades of blue to white


Liliceae (lily family)


The main season for agapanthus is the summer but some varieties are available as early as April and as late as December.

Care tips


Grow in a large pot of light (even sandy) soil with the rhizomes just below the surface and about 20cm (8 inches) apart outside in bright sunshine in the summer and bring the pot indoors to a conservatory or sunny window in winter.


Agapanthus praecox was one of the first plants to arrive from South Africa in about 1650. It has now naturalised on the sand dunes on Tresco, in the Isles of Scilly and near Torquay. It was first cultivated in the Netherlands in 1687.


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