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Anthurium, pronounced an-THOO-ree-um, are once-seen, never-forgotten flowers! You may have come across them on Caribbean holidays or in the Far East. Common names include painter's palette and flamingo flower.


Their unmistakable glossy heart-shaped flower bract (which gives them their popular name of painter's palette) surrounds the true flowers, which are in the form of a spike (or spathe) at the centre.


Anthuriums come in shades of reds, pinks, white, lilac, green and chocolate brown.


All year round.


Araceae (arum)


There are increasing numbers of wonderful varieties of anthuriums both large and small. Anthurium andreanum hybrids are among the most popular.

Care tips

Cut flowers

They last three weeks or more. The flowers should not be chilled. The bracts are fleshy and very easily bruised - take care when transporting or arranging these fabulous flowers.


Because they originate in the tropics they need warm and humid conditions. Keep away from draughts and temperature variations. Strong indirect light and a constant temperature of around 18 -21°C/64 -70°F is ideal. In winter temperature should not go below 15°C/60°F. Water 2-3 times a week in spring and summer. 

New varieties are much easier to grow and can tolerate hard water, though they prefer soft.